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[Testimonial: Hi, great game! I just received Domino 32 for my birthday. I must say it is the best game I have gotten in a long time. I am addicted to playing pyramid solitaire (it's not all luck, there's quite a lot of skill needed). Thanks.]


*[DOMINO 32 & DOMINO 64 : Dragon Dances]**[DOMINO 128 : Diamond Dynasty]*

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DOMINO NUMEROLOGY ||| Rich in Traditions and Innovations
Ancient Mystical Arithmancy ||| Game Numerology
P.O. Box 79168 Waverley MA 02479-0168 USA
Email Address : domino32@domino32.com Management : MALL DOMINO

What's New?

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What's New? Listing of new on-sale DOMINO 32 : Diamond Dynasty items, upcoming production of new playthings; also seeking for electronic-games companies for joint operations.

About DOMINO 32 : Diamond Dynasty

Our DOMINO 32 is a newly developed games-and-toys system containing many exciting and interesting items. With registered trade mark and copy rights DOMINO 32 is full of fun, mystery and suspense. Its charming and fascinating solitaires (sole player) and games (two to eight players) can provide wonderful recreations for all ages and walks of life. All the glamorous images of gold, silver and diamonds make our DOMINO 32 playthings perfect for birthday gifts, party gifts and Holiday gifts; truly among the best and most popular entertainments for family members, friends and intellectuals. {Made in the USA}{also good for "Pai-Gow/Tien-Gow" and "Bagchen" games!}

Finding Your Way.....Treasure Hunt in Diamond Dynasty

    Please use this form to place your orders. Thank you ! (FAX, Phone, Checks, Money Orders, Credit Cards or new encrypted Secure Order are all acceptable! For your convenience, shipping and handling are included in each listed unit price.)

#1685 Gold Deck [DOMINO 32]
    32 golden DOMINO cards in a golden soft box, with 3 extra golden spare cards: trade mark, symbol and joker.

#1785 Silver Deck [DOMINO 32]
    32 silvery DOMINO cards in a silvery soft box, with 3 extra silvery spare cards: trade mark, symbol and joker.

#1885 Play Money
    80 pieces with 8 denominations: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1,000; altogether in shiny cellophane wrappage.

#1985 DOMINO 32 Card Games [DOMINO 32 & DOMINO 64]
    9 elegant games/solitaires played with gold/silver deck(s), including Cosmo Turtles, Dragon Dances ["twister": 7 RAINBOW-Color dragons], Heaven #9, etc.! (also, for Pai-gow/Tien-gow and Bagchen)

#2085 Diamond Dynasty [DOMINO 128]
    {Our Star Attraction!} 5,000-carat games: BRACELET games for 2 to 5 players with one gold and one silver decks; NECKLACE games for 2 to 8 players with two gold and two silver decks.

#2185 DOMINO 32 Tile Games
    10 great DOMINO 32 Tile Games/Solitaires, including Nebular Centipede, Galaxy Battles: Five SpaceCastles and Six SuperKnights, etc.!

#2285 Electronic DOMINO 32
    All kinds of electronic games based on DOMINO 32 system are under development!

#2385 Memorabilia DOMINO 32
    New DOMINO 32 logotype/sunflower pins, buttons, stickers, key tags, T-shirts, etc.!

#2485 Club DOMINO 32
    Join the Club DOMINO 32! Make new friends on the INTERNET!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's in DOMINO 32 : Diamond Dynasty.

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