What's In It?

Inside of our Diamond Dynasty set-up box ( 14.75"x7.75"x1", four-color printing), there are two Gold Decks of DOMINO 32, two Silver Decks of DOMINO 32, a set of Play Money ( 80 pieces, 8 denominations), a complete Games Description and Rules booklet, Diamond Dynasty 5,000 carat games instructions (4 pages) and a set of scoring pages. {also good for "Pai-Gow/Tien-Gow" and "Bagchen" games!}

How To Use It?

Please become familiar with DOMINO 32 Card Games before going into DIAMOND DYNASTY!
Other than DOMINO 32 Card Games [DOMINO 32 & DOMINO 64] we have brand new 5,000 carat games in our Diamond Dynasty: (for players age 6 through adults)
  • Bracelet Games: one Gold and one Silver Decks of DOMINO 32 for 2 to 5 players.
  • Necklace Games: two Gold and two Silver Decks of DOMINO 32 for 2 to 8 players.

The winner of each game (the first to complete a Bracelet/Necklace) gets basic diamond carats of 100. We encourage players to work for bonus carats.
  • Pair Bonus Gold Pair: 30 carats, Silver Pair: 20 carats.
  • Set Bonus First Gold Set: 30 carats, First Silver Set: 20 carats, Second Gold Set: 50 carats, Second Silver Set: 40 carats, Third Gold Set: 70 carats, Third Silver Set: 60 carats.
  • Style Bonus All Pagodas: Turquoise 50 carats. All Clovers: Aquamarine 150 carats. Tall Pagoda: Emerald 100 carats. Twin Pagodas: Topaz 200 carats. Trio Pagodas: Coral 300 carats. Big Clover: Sapphire 500 carats. Grand Pagoda: Ivory 400 carats. Grand Clover: Pearl 1,000 carats.
  • Achievement Bonus Last Card: Bloodstone 50 carats. All Claims: Garnet 50 carats. No Laydowns: Opal 50 carats. Game Selfmade: Ruby 50 carats.
The first winner to win so many games that he/she can come up with a grand total carats of 5,000 or more is the Champion of the day!

We also provide different DIAMOND CUTS : oval, pear, heart, marquise, emerald, brilliant ...hidden somewhere, find them and count the facets!


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