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Fountain of Youth!
Green Tea! Ginger Tea! Ginseng Tea! And More!
All in easy-to-serve TEA BAGS/SACHETS!
Enjoyments! Healthy Drinks! Shipping/Handling Included, We Deliver!

TEA GARDEN Unique Selections
Among top 100, out of 3,400+ kinds of tea in the world!
TEA-G301 : Green Tea Of all kinds of tea products Green Tea has been proven "good for health" with anti-oxidants (for cancer-prevention)!
TEA-G361 : Ginger Tea You got to have your gingers, especially for adults!
TEA-G371 : Ginseng Tea From cold climate farmland, root products after several years of growth....mystic nourishments....
TEA-3G : Combo Package Our Special Three-Gs : Green Tea, Ginger Tea and Ginseng Tea!
TEA-591 : Tea Chest as shown, Gourmet Tea Chest : features 8 compartments (80 tea bags/sachets), Cherry Finish w/Jungle Green velvet lining, USA handcraft (13.5-inch x 7.375-inch x 4-inch tall).

USA hardwood unibody construction, kiln dried moisture control, miter-and-tenon joints with hand-rubbed finished edges, a lifetime of pleasurable use!
TEA-J221 : Jasmine Tea {opera flower} White fragrance no one can forget!
TEA-W161 : White Tea Close to Green Tea, a little stronger, slightly fermented!
TEA-O161 : Oolong Tea Right in the middle; everyone falls in love with, immediately!
TEA-R161 : Red Tea One of the most popular tea flavors in England and the world!
TEA-B161 : Black Tea Most fermented! Strongest Chinese flavor!
TEA-G308 : Green Tea Powder Just like new Tea Flavors in Bubble/Tapioca/Latte/Milk-Tea, Green Tea Powder begins to gain unbelievable popularity in this 21st century, and for another 5,000 years so they say. Of course it's "good for health" with plenty of anti-oxidants: Tea-IceCream, Tea-Cakes, Tea-Biscuits, Tea-Bread, Tea-Noodles....No special recipes, simply add a bag/sachet of Green Tea Powder into their beginning ingredients!

Ginger Tea: 1.8 grams per bag/sachet; Jasmine Tea, Red Tea, Ginseng Tea, Green Tea and Green Tea Powder: 2.0 grams per bag/sachet. {Our Tea Garden Standards; not just bags/sachets, but all in beautiful colorful set-up boxes for storage & shipment} One Price, Shipping/Handling Included, We Deliver!


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We do honest business; in order to compete in the wild, wild, web of internet jungle we will include in each order a free gift of "DOMINO 32" game set!

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  4. Tea-3G (Green Tea 100 Bags/Ginger Tea 20 Bags/Ginseng Tea 100 Bags) @$ 60.00 each; for........units, with a total of $..........
  5. Tea-591 Gourmet Tea Chest ( for 80 Bags) @$ 94.00 each; for........units, with a total of $..........
  6. Tea-308 Green Tea Powder 40 Bags @$ 35.00 each; for........units, with a total of $..........
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  10. Tea-B161 Black Tea 200 Bags @$ 35.00 each; for........units, with a total of $..........
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    Tea History According to encyclopedia reports the tea brewed from dried leaves started its practices 4,800 years ago in China, with written records showed up 3,000 years ago. It was first brought to W. Europe by the Dutch in the 17th Century; Britain became the only country in Europe that enjoyed tea as the main beverage in its culture since 1657. Tea made the British empire lifestyle and wherever the empire reached tea also appeared as classy social drinks... Tea was introduced into North America by early settlers; heavily taxed, resulting in the well-known Boston Tea Party in 1773....

    Tea History Tea & Genghis Khan: The Tea Road started in the 10th Century, from China via Outer Mongolia, Syberia to Russia. (Does anyone remember the most elegant restaurant in the 20th century New York City: the 'Russian Tea Room'?) "The Tea Road" is not as early, nor as famous as The Silk Road in our world trade history. However, since then tea has become the most important beverage in Mongolia, as well as in Tibet. Of course Genghis Khan was very fond of tea/milk-tea, he conquered most of Asia and Europe and established the biggest empire ever, truly the last hero of mankind. It is believed by many scholars that today about one out of every 200 people in the world carries his genes..... Genghis Khan also helped make tea a far-reaching cultural drink throughout his empire (The Drink Of The BLUE-WOLVES-GANG; the overwhelming surname in the nation of Mongolia, since 2004 when all Mongolians started to register their last names!)....

    TEA.....a drink with jam and bread...; You are what you TEA
    Bubble Tea (pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, tapioca milk tea, boba tea, or boba; ï], iQ)