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  2. On-sale items: #1985 DOMINO 32 Card Games [DOMINO 32 & DOMINO 64], #2085 DIAMOND DYNASTY [DOMINO 128], #1685 Gold Deck [DOMINO 32], #1785 Silver Deck [DOMINO 32]and #1885 Play Money. (Please use #1585 ORDER FORM to place your orders. Thank you!)
  3. Hints for puzzles provided in the book of games description and rules: Please go to Frequently Asked Questions on our DOMINO 32 Home Page.
  4. Upcoming items: #2185 DOMINO 32 Tile Games and #2385 Memorabilia DOMINO 32.
  5. Seeking electronic-games companies to develop #2285 Electronic DOMINO 32.
  6. Images on our DOMINO 32 Home Page: more logos and products images will appear on our home page on the Internet (World Wide Web).

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