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Illustration : New Puppets : Educational Toys !

All Puppets come with A Free Gift : DOMINO32 Dragon Dance !

[ABOVE, Left] #2825 CALICO CAT: 20-inch long! w/movable front paws!
[ABOVE, Center] #2566 FLUFFY CAT: 14-inch long!
[ABOVE, Right] #2558 RAGDOLL CAT: 28-inch long! AWARD WINNER!!

[LEFT] #2199 BOBCAT: 15-inch tall!

They don't stand by themselves; they NEED you! Hands operations required!
Talk for/with them! Sing for/with them! Act/Dance/Play with them!
Perform! Show & Tell!

We deliver! Shipping Cost Included. All CATS PUPPETS here have Workable Mouth!

#2506 Mouse with Vest!

18-inch tall, removable vest!

Workable Mouth!

Perform! Show & Tell!
We deliver!

Shipping/Handling Cost Included.

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All Puppets come with A Free Gift : DOMINO32 Dragon Dance !


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All Puppets come with A Free Gift : DOMINO32 Dragon Dance !
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All Puppets come with A Free Gift : DOMINO32 Dragon Dance !
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