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New Mahjong/Mahjongg Cards, Pokers/Bridges, Domino32 Cards

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Illustration [above: LEFT to RIGHT] Mahjong/Mahjongg Playing Cards System (2.0 inch x 3.0 inch PVC cards)

[LEFT] 2408Cards: American/Jewish PVC Mahjong Playing Cards: 166 non-tearable, water-proof playing cards (Jokers, Flowers, blanks, extras: all included) plus 12 Chinese dragons.
[RIGHT] 2408Cards: Traditional/Chinese PVC Mahjongg Playing Cards: 144 non-tearable, water-proof playing cards (Dragons, Flowers: all included) plus 32 American Jokers, Flowers, blanks, extras.

[BELOW] USAMJC Mahjong Cards (for American/Jewish Playstyle) with 72 healthy hands; 4 cards per set! Large Print, with lamination! Examples shown below.

FOR SPRING TIME ONLY (03/21---06/21; March 21 to June 21)
EEE F1F1 123456789 160-320 EEEE DDDD XX FFFF 60-120
EEE F1F1 123456789(any random colors) 80-160 EEEE DDDD XX FFFF 30-60
F: any Flower; F1: Flower spring/plum(1).
XX: any pair of same number in green/bamboo suit; XX: any pair of same number in blue/circle or red/character suit. Half values/scores in summer, autumn or winter.
'Tis the Season of Spring...You could almost feel the gentle EASTERLY breezes and sense the aromatic PLUM blossoms while playing those HANDS!!!"
USAMJC HEALTH MAHJONG CARD (72 USAMJC Healthy Hands) [American/Jewish click/view 'details']:

Illustration [above: LEFT to RIGHT] Universal Cards Accessories System
2708 Universal Cards Stands: (a set of 4!) Each PINE wood-stand is 9-inch long, three-tiers! Good for Bridge/Poker Playing Cards Games; EXTREMELY Good for Mahjong/Mahjongg Cards Games (American/Jewish or Traditional/Chinese)!!!
2709L Universal Automatic Cards Shuffler (large!): Auto-Shuffler for up to 222 cards; its large capacity is good for Mahjong Cards Set (2400Cards: American/Jewish style 152 cards including 8 Jokers); good for Mahjongg Cards Set (650Cards: Traditional/Chinese style 144 cards); good for regular Playing Cards up to 4 decks (208 cards); universal & automatic (4 "C" batteries)!
2710 Universal Cards Shoe (Acrylic): It holds up to 222 cards; Universal Use for Mahjong/Mahjongg Cards Games, Bridge/Poker Playing Cards Games!
2704 Universal Cards Shoe (Wood): It holds up to 222 cards; Universal Use for Mahjong/Mahjongg Cards Games, Bridge/Poker Playing Cards Games!
2700 Universal Chips: 160 std big CASINO chips in four colors, vinyl case!
2500 Universal Dice: 48 big dice in three colors (16 dice in each color)!
For Designer Poker Cases, Designer Poker Chips, Design Poker Dice please visit out brother site Pokers!
you can have/design your own Poker Sets: special cases to keep (10) colorful chips and (8) colorful dice! A "MUST-SEE"!

Illustration [above: LEFT to RIGHT] Universal Playing Cards System: Bridges & ALL!
Left Two (2600A): Printed-Map Beige Leatherette Case with Two Decks of Regular Playing Cards (54 cards per deck)
Right Two (2600B): Wooden Case with Two Decks of Regular Playing Cards (54 cards per deck)
Illustration Universal Playing Cards System: POKER!
#2087 24 decks Poker-Sized Cards w/plastic coating!!
#2089 12 decks Poker-Sized Plastic Cards !!
wider/bigger than bridges/regular playing cards!
In large quantity, wholesale!

[Upper Left] POKER-2087: Each box of these Poker Sized Paper Playing Cards comes with 24 individual packets of plastic coated playing cards.
[Upper Right] POKER-2089: Each box of these Poker Sized Plastic Playing Cards contains 12 individual decks of plastic playing cards. The cards, stored within a protective plastic case, are made of 100% plastic to ensure durability.

Illustration : New DOMINO 32 Card Games

(from Ancient Chinese Traditions!)

Exciting & Educational solitaires & games with a GOLD deck of DOMINO 32 cards or a SILVER desk, or with both decks mixed together:
Bigger/Smaller; Cosmo Turtle; Dragon Dances; Heaven #9; Fair Lady; 21!; Pyramid; Concentration; Challenge..
A set of DOMINO 32 play-money (80 pieces) included; the booklet of 'Games Description & Rules' has more fun puzzles;
Sample Dragon Dances is shown here TWISTERS; For details please visit DOMINO 32
Mysteries Through The Dark Tunnel Of History
Human kinds obtained wisdom through figures & shapes. Ancient Chinese began to put "dots" on the faces of a perfect cube; 1 through 6 dots on each of the 6 perfect sides: a "die" was born and a durable die, such as made from bone, could be a very interesting toy in good old days! Then, there were "DICE" games using not just one die but 2, 3 or more. If rolling/playing two dice, a combination of two numbers (1 through 6) showed up; putting the combination on two ends of a tile such as durable bone plate, like two dice side-by-side, a "DOMINO" was born! Putting all possible combinations on many dominoes, a set of DOMINO games began to evolve! Throughout many centuries a perfect "DOMINO 32" set was developed: combinations of two rolling dice; in 16 pairs also in a 4-by-4 matrix! Wonderful games from ancient China.
Of course there was this famous Mahjongg games from China, also on tiles; the ultimate sophisticated adult games ever in exsistence and still going strong...

West meets East
When Chinese games were introduced into Europe a few hundred years ago, strange things happened. Domino began to have blank ends, even though there is never blank side of a die. Simple combinations of two numbers (0 through 6) made the western dominoes: Double-6 as the set was called; then, Double-9, Double-12, Double-15...Now they are all called Dominoes. Chinese game of falling dominoes (the simple discovery of magical gravity force) became very popular, by the end of the 20th century the record of falling dominoes in one big design has reached over one million, hitting down all kinds of set-ups high and low. One of the famous Chinese Domino games: Pai-Gow became the only symbol of ancient Chinese dominoes. DOMINO 32 was forgotten, until now. The West, however, keeps the High Roller game, casting two dice; three dice Chinese game: Sic-Bao, also showed up in casinos. Since there's Pai-Gow, the West does not think Chinese ever had dominoes and when Mahjongg came to the West it had been called the ancient Chinese DOMINO games! After Jokers were put into traditional Mahjongg, it's much easier game and became Mahjong (one "g"). Traditional Mahjongg finally cleared its name away from dominoes recently. Now it's time to look into "DOMINO 32", the real traditional Chinese DOMINO games. (By the way, in the US pizza company began to take over as 'domino', what goes around comes around. "DOMINO 32" will finally be left out of the confusions, and recognized as the real domino games!)


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Mahjong PVC Card Games (American/Jewish, 166 Cards including Jokers, Flowers, Blanks, extras!): Cards-MjgA: Am/Jew Mjg 2408Cards (178PVC)+(4)2708Stands @$62.50:a)units, b)$ubtotal SALE!!: Universal/Am/Jew/Chinese Mjg 2408Cards (178PVC) @$22.50:a)units, b)$ubtotal

Universal Card Games Accessories (For All Mahjong/Mahjongg, Bridge, Poker And Other Games): ShufAcShoe: 2709L Auto-Shuffler+2710 Acrylic Card Shoe @$60.00: a)units, b)$ubtotal ShufWdShoe: 2709L Auto-Shuffler+2704 Wood Card Shoe @$55.00: a)units, b)$ubtotal ChipsDice(2700+2500) 160 chips(4colors)+48 dice(3colors) @$40.00: a)units, b)$ubtotal ChipsDouble (2700+2700) 320 chips (4colors) w/cases @$60.00: a)units, b)$ubtotal

Mahjongg PVC Card Games (Traditional/Chinese, 144 PVC Cards including Dragons, Flowers!) : Cards-MjggC: Tra/Chi Mjgg 2408Cards(178PVC)+(4)2708Stands @$42.50:a)units, b)$ubtotal Mjgg655: 4 sets New International Hands/Scores @$40.00: a)units, b)$ubtotal

Playing Card Games (Bridges & ALL Choice-Case, including 2 decks of cards) : Cards-Play(2600A): Map Case w/2 decks+(4) 2700Stands @$45.00:a)units, b)$ubtotal Cards-Play(2600B): Wood Case w/2 decks+(4) 2700Stands @$45.00: a)units, b)$ubtotal

Playing Card Games (POKER bigger/wider Poker-Sized System, Wholesale!) : Poker2087: 24 Poker-Sized Cards w/plastic coating @$40.00:a)units, b)$ubtotal Poker2089: 12 Poker-Sized Plastic Cards @$60.00: a)units, b)$ubtotal

DOMINO 32 Card Games (Gold & Silver Decks including playmoney & booklet) : Cards-DOMINO32: DOMINO32 Cards Games Set @$12.00: a)units, b)$ubtotal Grand Total: $$$sum of all (b)s above
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  1. Cards-MjgA: American/Jewish Mjg PVC Cards Set(2408)+4(2708)Stands @$62.50 each; for..........units, with a total of $..............
  2. SPECIAL SALE!!: Universal Mjg PVC Cards Set(2408) @$22.50 each; for..........units, with a total of $..............
  3. Cards-ShufAcShoe: Auto-Shuffler (2709L)+2710 Acrylic Card Shoe @$60.00 each; for..........units, with a total of $...........
  4. Cards-ShufWdShoe: Auto-Shuffler (2709L)+2704 Wood Card Shoe @$55.00 each; for..........units, with a total of $...........
  5. Cards-ChipsDice (2700+2500): 160 chips(4 colors)+48 big dice(3 colors) @$40.00; for..........units, with a total of $...........
  6. Cards-ChipsDouble (2700+2700): 320 CASINO chips(4 colors) in cases @$60.00; for..........units, with a total of $...........
  7. Cards-MjggC: Traditional/Chinese Mjgg PVC Cards Set(2408)+4(2708)Stands @$42.50 each; for..........units, with a total of $........
  8. Cards-Mjgg655: 4 sets New International Hands/Scores @$40.00 each; for........units, with a total of $.............
  9. Cards-Playing(2600A): Printed-Map Leatherette Case w/2 decks+(4) 2708Stands @$45.00 each; for........units, with a total of $.........
  10. Cards-Playing(2600B): Wood Case w/2 decks+(4) 2708Stands @$45.00 each; for.........units, with a total of $...........
  11. Cards-Poker2087: 24 Decks Poker-Sized Cards w/plastic coating @$40.00 each; for........units, with a total of $............
  12. Cards-Poker2089: 12 Decks Poker-Sized Plastic Cards @$60.00 each; for........units, with a total of $............
  13. Cards-DOMINO32: DOMINO32 Cards Games Set @$12.00 each; for.........units, with a total of $...........
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